Restore Smile Form & Function At Leiston Dental Care

Whether you have one, multiple, or full arches of missing teeth, Leiston Dental Care can offer you high-quality denture treatment to address the problem. 

Our team has worked hard to ensure that the process of fitting is both sensitive and detailed, so that you get the very best care and outcome. Our goal is to ensure that you feel confident and delighted at the end of treatment with the comfortable, natural-looking teeth we have created for you. 

Denture Options For Every Smile

Our well-equipped clinic provides multiple denture options to suit your individual circumstances. We offer services including:

  • Emergency denture placement following an accident
  • Single tooth dentures
  • Multiple teeth in a row dentures
  • Temporary dentures between treatments
  • Full arch dentures

We will discuss all your treatment options with you in the clinic so that you feel completely informed about your options, and able to make the best decision for your current needs. This includes a completely transparent and detailed treatment plan including costs, so you always feel in complete control of your denture journey. 

In the event that you know you will be having teeth removed, we can prepare for that in advance, fitting the dentures as soon as your teeth are taken out. This means that you won’t be without teeth, even if temporary dentures are placed before long-term options are created and fitted for you. 

We Strive For Excellent Denture Fitting & Results

We take great pride in selecting what we believe to be the finest denture laboratories to create your bespoke dentures, so that you get the most natural-looking, comfortable product.

These incredibly talented technicians use Diamond D ultra-impact acrylic resin to maximise durability and incorporate stippling of the gums, to create a highly life-like appearance. All dentures are supplied with premium quality, highly aesthetic (usually Ivoclar Vivodent or Enigma Life) teeth as standard.

Valplast flexible dentures are a relatively new innovation within dentistry and are ideally suited for patients with an intolerance to conventional dentures or who wish to subtly replace a small number of teeth. Their inherent flexibility offers minimal encroachment onto the oral soft tissues and they are generally exceptionally well tolerated. We are proud to offer Valplast dentures as an alternative option to conventional acrylic dentures.

Precision cast metal base plates constructed using cobalt-chromium or titanium can also be incorporated into the design of your new denture(s). These can be made much thinner than a conventional acrylic base, to fit around the teeth rather than utilising the gums and ridges to enhance retention. They can also be incorporated onto full dentures in cases where denture fracture has previously been encountered as they are extremely strong but are not routinely used due to higher cost.

For top-quality denture services in Leiston, please contact the friendly team at Leiston Dental Care on 01728 561873.

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Providing affordable quality with compassion and care
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