Facial Aesthetics

The team at Leiston Dental Care is pleased to offer a range of facial aesthetics treatments to complement your smile and help roll back the signs of ageing.

Our treatments are provided in the safety and cleanliness of a dental practice by an experienced clinician who undertook his training on Harley Street, London – so you can feel confident that you are in safe hands. He will not perform any treatment that we do not think is in your best interests and all procedures are based on ethical standards and techniques.

Wrinkle reduction injections

Our skilled practitioner uses very fine needles to inject purified botulinum toxin into areas of the face and body where fine lines and wrinkles have appeared.

Over the years, consistent use of our facial muscles causes fine lines and wrinkles to become set in place, detracting from our overall appearance and making us look older than we may feel inside.

Wrinkle relaxing injections cause the muscles which cause fine facial lines to relax, lessening their effect and sometimes removing them altogether.

Wrinkle reducing injections are typically used for:

Frown lines
Crows feet
Forehead lines
Oral muscles that contribute to a gummy smile

Dermal Fillers

Fillers are used to add volume to facial features which have hollowed over time, to smooth the skin and also as an effective treatment for deeper lines where wrinkle reducing injection may not be so effective.

The product can also be applied to enhance the jawline, cheekbones and lips resulting in smoother and more appealing features that help boost your confidence.

Results can last for quite a long time but this can vary depending on the treatment site and also on the individual. However “top up” treatment is safe and can be offered when the effects begin to wear off – indeed many people now have facial aesthetics treatment quite regularly as part of their personal care regimen.

Common areas where dermal fillers are used: 

Deep lines and wrinkles
Area between the eyebrows
Lines either side of the nose

If you are looking for safe facial aesthetics to help you overcome the signs of ageing, please get in touch with the team at Leiston Dental Care to arrange your consultation.

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Providing affordable quality with compassion and care
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