Treatment Fees

Fee-Per-Item Prices

Examinations and Routine Dentistry
New patient examination:£80
Routine recall examination:£50
New patient U18 examination:£40
Routine recall U18 examination:£20
Broken filling/sharp tooth appointment:
(includes temporary filling and/or repair and/or tooth adjustment)
Emergency pain/trauma appointment:£150
Hygienist appointment (30 minutes):£69
Direct access hygienist appointment (45 minutes):£99.50
Treatment of periodontal disease: (with hygienist)
Full mouth (with local anaesthetic and six point pocket charting)
includes two 60 minute appointments and a 30 minute review appointment
White fillings:£150-£300
Amalgam fillings:£100-£250
Fissure sealants:£30
Root Canal Treatment:
Incisor or Canine:£395
Pre-Molar (single canal):£425
Pre-Molar (two canals):£495
Dental Veneers:
Veneers starting from:£650
High Strength Monolithic Zirconia crowns£695
Cosmetic E-Max or layered Zirconia crowns£750
Gold crown  (premolar)£750
Gold crown  (molar)£850
Cuspal coverage Inlays or Onlays:
E-Max porcelain:£595
Gold precious metal:£850
Zirconia Per unit:£695
Gold Per unit from:£850
Home Whitening :
Per arch£175
For upper and lower£295
Invisalign Clear Aligners:
Single arch:£2,600
Dual arches:£4,200
Single Implant crowns:
Single Implant crowns:£995
Implant bridges:
Implant bridges per unit :£995
High strength Diamond-D ultra-impact resistant acrylic dentures:
1-3 teeth:£595
3-5 teeth:£695
More than 5 teeth:£725
Upper or lower full acrylic denture:£750
Upper and lower full acrylic dentures:£1200
Chrome partial denture:
1-3 teeth:£750
3-5 teeth:£850
More than 5 teeth:£895
Chrome plate upper or lower full denture:£895
Chrome plate upper and lower full dentures:£1,595
Valplast Flexible (Nylon/thermoplastic) Dentures:
1-3 teeth:£795
3-5 teeth:£850
5 or more teeth:£895
Denture tooth or clasp addition:
Denture tooth or clasp addition:£100
Sports Mouthguards:
Sports Mouthguards (depending on thickness and number of colours):£100 - £150
Nocturnal bite guards:
Denture repair:
Simple – no impression/appointment for adjustment needed£95
Complex – impression/appointment required£125 
**It is often cheaper and faster for you to attend a local laboratory in person for denture repairs - please speak to one of our team for details of local laboratories offering this service** 
Normal complexity£150
Complex/surgical extraction£250
Facial Aesthetics:
Azzalure Botox: One zone£180
Azzalure Botox: Two zones£230
Restylane Filler: 1ml£210
Restylane Filler: 2ml £340

All prices are subject to change depending of dentist and laboratory fees this price list is just a guide.


Denplan patients will be eligible for a 10% discount on the fee-per-item guide for any treatment.

Read more about Denplan

Missed and Late Cancelled Appointments

Please be advised that it is our practice policy to charge for missed appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice. Whilst we appreciate that there may be a genuine reason why you are unable to attend your appointment or need to cancel with short notice, we do not feel that it is fair to either absorb this cost ourselves or pass this cost onto other patients by increasing our fees. The fee charged for each appointment depends on the length of the appointment and will be charged at a rate of £25 per fifteen minutes of surgery time lost. Please refer to our practice policy for further information but a late cancelled appointment would be deemed one which is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment start time.

Denplan patients who miss or late cancel either their dental examination or hygiene appointment will forfeit that session from their annual allocation. A further examination or hygiene appointment can be made but will be chargeable.

Patient Documents

Missed Appointments Policy (PDF document opens in a new window)


Due to the amount of surgery time lost due to late cancelled or missed appointments, it is our policy to routinely ask for a deposit payment to be made to secure an appointment booking, particularly for new patients seeking emergency treatment or for longer treatment appointments. Deposits taken to secure a booking are non-refundable if the appointment is missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice. Should you wish to cancel with more than 24 hours’ notice, the deposit will either be returned to you (if you do not wish to book a further appointment) or retained as a deposit for a subsequent appointment.

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Providing affordable quality with compassion and care
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