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Dental implants are considered by many to be the most innovative and effective way to replace missing teeth. They can help you achieve a functional and aesthetically pleasing smile once again, leaving behind the issues and embarrassment that can be associated with missing teeth. For many people, implants have been truly life-changing.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are fixed solutions for tooth loss and can be applied to single, multiple and entire arches of missing teeth. 

Implants work by replacing the tooth root with a Titanium implant which looks a little bit like a screw, albeit an extremely high-precision one. The device is placed into the jawbone by an implant dentist with significant additional training, sometimes a specialist.

An abutment may be attached at this time, or a little later down the line. The abutment is effectively a support collar; the connecting part between the implant and the crown, implant-connected bridge or denture. 

Why Consider Dental Implants in Leiston?

Dental implants are the very latest in tooth replacement technology, providing a sophisticated alternative to dentures. Instead of budging, moving or breaking - like dentures or bridges sometimes can, implants are solid and secure.

Beautiful crowns, bridges or dentures are attached to implants to complete the treatment. These high-quality restorations are made by renowned laboratory Dental Art Ceramics in Norwich and they look just like natural teeth. 

Functionally, implants also feel much like natural teeth. There is no looseness when you talk or eat and you have no dietary restrictions - crunchy salads, chewy treats and food you bite into, like apples, are back on the menu again!

Key Benefits of Dental Implants:

  • Bone loss from missing teeth is slowed, helping to retain face shape
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Functionally superior to dentures
  • Secure
  • Strong
  • Protection for adjacent teeth
  • Can last year after year with appropriate care, often 20 years or more

Expertise In Dental Implant Placement

At Leiston Dental Care we refer implant patients to either Norfolk Dental Specialists, a leading regional provider of dental implant surgery or highly respected implant dentist Dr. Nick Lamb (Island House Dental Practice, Woodbridge), who accepts referrals from practices all over the county. They expertly place Astra-Tech or Ankylos implants for single, multiple or entire arches of missing teeth.  

Once they have placed the implants there is a process of healing where the bone and the implant integrate. This can take several months to complete and during that time the clinic will provide aftercare and check-ups to ensure the healing process is going well. 

Once the implants have healed our team take over the treatment and provide the restoration. This would usually be a top-grade zirconia implant crown, exactly the same kind and from the same laboratory used by Norfolk Dental Specialists. The result is an exceptional tooth replacement that is fully restored and made to last.

Moving forwards, our team will support you to help maintain excellent oral health, ensuring your implants are in good order and lasting for as long as possible. If there are any problems at all with the implant itself, we can ensure you are referred back to Norfolk Dental Specialists or Dr. Nick Lamb or we can provide treatment recommended by them, depending on the problem.  Such problems are rare but it’s important to know that expertise is on-hand in the event of anything unforeseen.

If you are suffering with lost teeth or perhaps you are fed up with uncomfortable dentures, please call our team today on 01728 561873 to arrange your consultation. Your short journey to a new smile and a fully functional mouth is just a few steps away!


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