White Fillings

Beautiful, tooth-coloured fillings to give you a winning smile

Whether restoring new cavities, replacing defective fillings or cosmetic replacement, advances in technology mean that white (composite) fillings are now stronger, more aesthetically pleasing and bond to the tooth better than ever.

With high-grade composite material and skilled application using the latest techniques, you can maintain a strong and beautiful smile without needing to opt for less visually appealing treatments.

What Are Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are composed of a resin filled with fine particles of nanosilica and zirconia. They come in many different shades to match your natural tooth and can be layered to accurately reproduce the appearance of the layers of dentine and enamel. The material contains a light activated catalyst set by a bright, blue light. They are now routinely used for restoring teeth, both in front and back teeth, due to their attractive appearance and reduced environmental impact

Amalgam restorations still have a place within dentistry but are gradually being phased out due to the adverse effect of mercury on the environment. They remain more suitable than composite when restoring cavities that cannot be kept dry at the time of restoration, very large cavities at risk of fracture or as a core beneath a crown. Amalgam remains an excellent material and once placed, tends to last longer than composite, hence we have no reservations in continuing to offer it. We believe the informed choice is yours to make.

We take great pride in providing beautiful, contoured, life-like composite fillings using a range of truly exceptional, critically-acclaimed products including Filtek Supreme XTE (3M), Grandia (GM) and G-Aenial (GM). Having access to such an impressive repertoire enables us to finely balance demands for strength and aesthetics whilst offering excellent handling and minimal shrinkage. Deeper cavities are often lined with fluoride-releasing Vitrebond, clinically proven to enhance the adhesion of the restoration to the cavity base, promote remineralisation and reduce post-operative sensitivity.

Great care is taken to ensure optimal contact between adjacent teeth and fillings, using the revolutionary Palodent Matrix System. This ensures the tightest contacts to prevent food packing, which can be irritating and result in further decay between the teeth.

These restorations are finely polished using enhance finishing systems and diamond polishing paste to blend in beautifully with the natural tooth and minimise staining from diet.

Why Choose Composite Fillings In Leiston?

As well as being ideally suited for applications at the front of the mouth, composite fillings are also suitable for restorations in less visible parts of the mouth. They are more durable and much stronger than they once were, resulting in restorations that can stand the test of time. No longer do you need to compromise on the strength of a restoration for better aesthetics and with the latest materials and techniques, you can have a beautiful, strong filling that helps you keep your tooth and looks great too! 

Main Advantages Of White Fillings:

  • Bonds to the tooth
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Suitable for most types of filling
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • More affordable than porcelain crowns

Should I change all of my amalgam fillings to white fillings?

We would not advocate replacing existing amalgam restorations unless they were defective and required replacement. Whilst they do not look brilliant, metal fillings are very strong and once placed, the amount of mercury released is minimal. A small percentage of people can develop a lichenoid reaction (allergic reaction) to the presence of these restorations and that would be an indication to replace them with non-metal fillings. Cosmetic replacement with either composite fillings or porcelain inlays is always an option but not one to be encouraged unless you are greatly dissatisfied with the appearance of existing amalgam fillings. 

If you need a filling and prefer to avoid traditional amalgam, the team at Leiston Dental Care will be pleased to help. Simply use the website contact form to make an enquiry or call our team direct on 01728 561873.

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Providing affordable quality with compassion and care
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